Industry veterans and beginners both face the same problems. They forget the syntax of the application there using.

What it does

It allows you to chat with any programming language or terminal client to figure out a solution to your problem. It can help with syntactical knowledge or Technical Interviews and it's fully modular and expandable!

How we built it

Using the idealogy behind Chat Bots and Seach Engines we decided to forge the two together to create a seamless system that processes natural language in order to create a more detailed answer and specific request.

Challenges we ran into

Ajax and the Asynchronous Calls. Stuck for 2.5 hours and with no luck from any mentor after trying everything (Including Stack Overflow) we decided to read the code out loud and change the location of one return statement, then it worked (Technically, the movement of the return statement allowed the Asynchronous Request to have more time to process and it completed itself by the time it reached the new return statement)

Conversation Switching and Chat Messaging Caching. Stuck for about 3.5 hours on this difficult problem we implemented an unorthodox solution. We used special CSS tricks to hide and store the message by grouping them inside a div class then setting them to none or block for the re appearing / disappearing effect. (This way we didn't interact with cookies, SQL or any other storage system and the whole application can be restarted by the simple click of a refresh button)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solving the two challenges above was a huge accomplishment for our team but also improving CSS and HTML knowledge by two-folds. We also won 2nd place at MSFT Hackathon!!!

What we learned

Our Javascript and Ajax knowledge improved by alot espicially our knowledge of the syntactic rules. Considering we used alot of JS and JQuery to manipulate HTML and CSS elements and properties we definetly got a feeling for the fullstack experiene.

What's next for Cheat Chat Bot

Cheat Chat Bot will be going Open-Source and were working with the hackathon organizers to notify the rest of the hackers about where they can come and help out to improve everyone's resumes as well as get more people into the open-source initiative. Our main priority is to give back to not only MSFT by integrating it with their APIs but also with our fellow hackers!

In terms of features, We'll be completing the Python and Linux module since DSCIL by UTSG would like to use it to help teach their Intro to CS/Python courses.

In terms of design, We'll be documenting every line of code to make it more accessible and restructuring some of our algorithms. (Most of our work during the hackathon was modular which makes this part easier).

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