Inspiration: The inspiration for our current project was the current pandemic. We aimed to solve the problems harbored by strict social distancing guidelines: loneliness and isolation. We took inspiration from Bumble and Tinder to deliver this product to the market.

What it does: ChatWithMe provides users with an intelligent and affable chatbot to speak to.

How we built it: We first designed the landing page of the site using HTML and CSS. This took us several hours. We spent the entire night and some of this morning adding bot features with javascript.

Challenges we ran into Programming an AI was indisputably the greatest challenge for our project. We were unsure how to develop a bot that can respond to a text. However, after several hours of deliberate discussion, we realized an efficient solution.

Accomplishments we're proud of: We are proud of our ability to learn and implement javascript in a brief period of time. As mentioned earlier, we entered this competition not knowing how any javascript. However, we finished by not just developing an online chatting application, but with some exposure to javascript. We are confident that the javascript we learned in this hackathon will be a huge asset for the next.

What we learned: This project further honed our backend javascript skills. Previously, we did not have much experience with javascript. In fact, for most of us, this was our first project that combined HTML and CSS with Javascript. That being said, our frontend UI design skills were strengthened too by developing the landing page.

What's next for ChatWithMe: Soon, ChatWithMe's capabilities will include a human-human interaction service (along with the current human-bot service), thus integrating a real communication service between users from around the world.

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