Can your grandma text?

She can use this app.

ChatterTexting is a native iPhone application that that allows a user to manage social communication on Cases, Leads, or any object with a Chatter feed. The only technical knowhow required is the ability to write sentences in the form of a text. The inspiration for the app is from my experience with fantastic Sales and Support people - who simply find using Salesforce confusing. If they want to collaborate with their team members, or respond to support cases - all through Chatter feeds - now all they have to do is send a “ChatterText”.

The app has three main components, the Live Comment Feed, the Record Detail, and the Chat. The Summary view provides a scrolling list of all the objects with Chatter posts related to the logged in user. The user can then click on a specific record (Cases in our demo app) to drill down to the detail page, where the user can perform various action like escalating a case or accepting ownership. For the crux of the app, the user can finally "Go Chat" and add new FeedItems or FeedComments in a friendly text-like format with near real-time updates.

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