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The Problem

Salesforce Chatter (now Salesforce 1) is widely regarded as Facebook for the Enterprise and it’s the unchallenged leader in social collaboration space.

However, given the ‘Mobile First’ approach, I believe more can be done as the mobile version lacks several features that are present in Chatter Desktop.

Introducing Chatter Complete for iPhone and iPad

As the name itself suggests, Chatter Complete is built with a single objective – offer a “complete” Salesforce Chatter experience on the iPhone and iPad.

Over last four weeks, I researched the most wanted features on Chatter on mobile and handpicked limitations of the existing app and built Chatter Complete with the following features

• Video Calling between Chatter Users • Instant Messaging between Chatter Users • Presence (offline/ online) information for Chatter Users • Translate handwritten notes to text on the fly and publish on Chatter • One on one private messaging between Chatter users

  • Online and offline users are visibly marked in the Chatter User list. Chat and Video options are only enabled if the user is online (detected via presence)

Other than these, Chatter Complete offers the following features that are present in Salesforce Chatter as well.

• Post a message to your own Chatter wall • Post a message to any user’s Chatter wall • Post a message to a Chatter Group

Technology Stack

  • Mobile SDK
  • Chatter REST API
  • Salesforce REST API
  • Pubnub
  • AddLive
  • WritePad

Why I built Chatter Complete

• A great demonstrator of how easy it is to build a mobile app on in virtually no time • If you see a feature gap in Salesforce, you can bridge it yourself • You don’t need to be large dev shop/ consulting company, an indigenous developer can build amazing apps with some skills and lots of motivation

Thanks! Gaurav Kheterpal An Avid Salesforce Mobile Community Evangelist for last 6 years!

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