Property owners most times find it hard to keep track of their properties, the tenants occupying them, especially when they have lots of properties they manage.

Most of property owners fall into the hands of property managers that over charge them, and also don't do the job they are paid to do.

That's why chattel.

What it does

This platform helps property owners mange their properties right from their mobile devices, we help keep track of your tenants, remind you and your tenant when the tenant rent is about due, also we help you advertise properties you want to sell, rent or lease out. You don't have to go through the stress of posting adverts on different property platforms, we handle that for you.

You can send messages to all the occupants of your property, type once and they all receive the message.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

I learnt a lot, this is my first hackathon, and I never imagined I could get a working project in such a short time. I learnt the use of new tools, ranging from hosting service e.t.c. Learnt collaborating with people, and respecting my teammates points of view.

What's next for Chattel

We plan on making chattel a working product, whereby property owners can confidently manage their properties from their home.

  • Help property owners get tenants for their properties at the current market price.

  • Assist property owners in getting individuals that can help do their property maintainace at a very affordable cost.

  • Help property owners do inspection of their properties and deliver report to them.

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