As a leading Co-Convenor of Earlham Hackers Club, Joseph used Facebook as an outreach platform to communicate with his club members. However, he didn't like the idea of having to open multiple tabs to send messages to all his members. Since he likes to add a personalized touch to his messages, he wanted a web-based application that allows him to send personalized messages more quickly and conveniently. After coming to RevolutionUC, he came up with an idea to make his convenor life more convenient. Dipesh decided to help Joseph in his journey. After 24 hours of awesomeness, they come up with an OutreachSheet.

What it does

It sends outreach messages to Facebook chat from Google Sheets and vice-versa.

How we built it

In 3 phases, we integrated messenger and sheets. We first finished a Pandas enabled program with no function content at all. All we had was a bare-bones structure. From there, we learned and applied the fb chat module in a 2 fold custom data structure to connect Facebook to our program's data housing. We chose to develop the connection that carries data between Google first because that seemed very intricate and we were scared of the Google Sheets API. We finished the connection between Google Sheets and Facebook, and then we learned the Google Sheets API, developed a 3 fold custom data structure to connect our program's data housing with Google Sheets. We learned and applied the fbchat module to interface with messages from facebook, scaffolded our program plugged it.

Challenges We ran into

Google Sheets API integration took lot of our time. Thanks to Mentors for helping us out. The front end was hard to do. Google sheets have a maximum write limit that we were not aware of. We used many modules which made us do more debugging.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Just getting through the bulk of the program was an accomplishment. The working code was like 400+ lines. In like 20 hours that's not bad at all. We also finally learned FB chat API, and the google sheets API, which is both super good and useful tools. We learned a lot during this 24-hours, and we are happy with the outcome.

What I learned

API integration, OOP, Pandas

What's next for OutreachSheet

We plan to add more functionalities, address all the small bugs, and work on the design. Also, Joseph plans to use OutreachSheet to communicate with his club members. Yayy.

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