The need to increase inclusivity for people at events inspired as to build ChatrMaps.

What it does

Upon launching, users see a map interface that shows any event chat rooms nearby. Users can then view more event information such as the event description, event time, event duration, and active event attendees. Users can then join the chat anonymously and view a list of other active users.

How I built it

Using React, Google Maps API, Material-UI framework, Git, and Scaledrone.

Challenges I ran into

Debugging and using unfamiliar frameworks/libraries/API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fixing bugs and implementing a user friendly interface.

What I learned

New technologies such as React and Scaledrone.

What's next for ChatrMaps

Improvements include adding event/chat creation and adding user profiles (optional anonymity)


Have you ever been you an event and wanted to talk to others, but have been skeptical to approach a stranger? ChatrMaps aims to solve this by providing a risk free, anonymous method of communication and expression using exclusive location and event based chat rooms that anyone can join

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