Chatreach is an open source publicly available and free SMS application designed for organizations to provide information and zipcode based resources. Using Chatreach, an organization can implement a fully operational text message line in minutes for very little cost. A full set of features is on the wiki. This application is meant to complement or even replace boring racks of brochures. Brochures can cost up to $2 a pop. That same information can be delivered for pennies AND be trackable to give organizations and their funders proper metrics. Chatreach can support multiple languages, providing a low-cost solution to deliver multi-lingual content. To use it, agencies setup hosting on heroku, grab a shortcode, 10-digit or 800 number from Twilio, Tropo or TextCaster, create a brand like 'sext' and enter text content and referral orgnanizations tagged with keywords like hiv or pregnancy. Demo application at User is with pass chatreach. Send the keyword chatreach to 8646432584 for demo content. For this competition, I open sourced Chatreach from a proprietary application built in 2008. The application has been completely re-written, updated to Rails 3, expanded to support Tropo and Twilio, enhanced with metrics and complemented with a full suite of help tips, faqs and getting started guides. Since it's original implementation in 2009, it's helped nearly 6000 young people from mainly low-income areas in South Carolina find information about sexual health and local clinics. The original sponsoring organization, Advocates for Youth, has implemented the line in five other communities across the United States. We continue to work together in a nonpaid relationship to promote and push the application forward. I plan to continue supporting this application as a developer and evangelist post-contest. If I win any prize money, I'll direct it towards improving the design and user interface (it needs a color change!), traveling to a few conferences for promotion, internationalizing the help content, hiring graduate student help to create sample content areas and buying myself a vacation trip to a beach with rum drinks. Help a developer get a tan and buzz ;).

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