What inspired you? The outrageous number of lonely souls in Colleges today.

Who is your target user? High school students, university students. People who'd like to meet new people but are too shy to do the initiation in real life, which to be frank, is > 85% of population.

What key features are you most proud of?

  • Anonymity: you can choose any username you want, and optionally a profile picture.
  • Smart reading detection: new incoming message won't bring your viewport down, also, if you are on another tab, whenever there's an incoming message, you'll see (1) in front of the tab title.
  • Cute emoticons.
  • Personalizable profile page.
  • Simple, light, user friendly design, makes all the functionalities easy to understand.
  • Lightning fast response time, using the latest cutting-edge technologies for all backend activities, perfect for large number of simultaneous connections, very scalable also.

Just what does the app do? The app is the perfect platform for college students to meet other like-minded people. The lives of college kids are in reality far more monotonous than the ones depicted in Hollywood movies. Many people wish to get to know other people, but in fact it's very difficult to meet likeminded people in a such vast pool of students, not mentioning the human nature of shyness and fear of rejection. This app tackles exactly this problem. It basically creates chat rooms of topics of interest, in which people can chill, have fun, discuss various topics. You can also view other people's profile by clicking on their picture. It will then display their photos, school, fields of study, and a brief description about them.

Current Progress? As for now, it's an HTML5 app that's currently hosted on a website. We can later port it using PhoneGap onto iOS, Android, or Windows Phone native mobile app.

Link: http://chatrr.jit.su/

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