You are already in chat rooms all day. Why not manage your infrastructure from chat!

ChatOps provides visibility into your processes and allows others on your team to learn how to manage your infrastructure without having to look over your shoulder as you type commands into a shell.

What it does

The first release provides some useful commands you can use to manage your Heroku apps from HipChat. You can, view and update configuration variables, rollback releases, and view who has deployed previous releases.

How I built it

Using the HipChat integrations API, Heroku API and a standard rails stack on Heroku

Challenges I ran into

The HipChat integrations API was a bit of a time sink just to get the installation plumbing working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using Celluloid as asynchronous workers interacting with the Heroku and HipChat APIs

What's next for ChatOps for Heroku

  • Rounding out the command set to enable the full Heroku API features from chat
  • Take advantage of the new UI enhancements coming in the HipChat API
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