Finding a community where you are comfortable speaking freely and meeting other people who have the same interests is very difficult. Moreover, generating groups from a population given existing information and avoiding collisions is tedious and time consuming when the only option is manual organization.

What it does

Enroll your team, class, friends, or family into Chatopedia to encourage chatting and mingling motivated by common interests! Our custom algorithm matches groups of your choice size using a compatibility score calculated using each user's personalized interests they input during sign up.

How I built it

To create mock ups and initial designs, we used Figma and Canva. To build our app we used Android Studio which used the Java programming language. We used Firebase as the database for backend.

Challenges I ran into

In our team, 2 members were learning Java for the first time and 3 members were learning Android Studio for the first time. Moreover, one of our members was completely new to coding. Learning the syntax and functionality of these technologies was therefore challenging for the team as we were self learning throughout the weekend. We also were working in vastly different time zones, two members 12 hours apart, hence organizing common times to meet and work were complicated. We were challenged by how best to code the algorithm in efficient time complexity and discussed with a mentor different approaches.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With our app, people can be in the best community for them. The most important accomplishments are building a well developed app with our team, and creating a special forum that allows people to build a personalized space they can meet others and build lasting relationships. We are proud of the product we've built over this weekend and are excited we had the opportunity to demo it!

What I learned

We improved our teamwork and learned more about how best to divide work (especially when we are in different time zones). Some team members learned how to work with Java, Firebase, and Android Studio. The one member who was more skilled in these technologies improved her skills and reinforced her knowledge by teaching and mentoring her teammates. We all gained skills prototyping in Figma and creating a logo.

What's next for Chatopedia

We want it to publish on Play Market, later in App Store so everyone can download and use it.

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