Our main inspiration behind the creating this product was to have a faster form of communication in the form of "channels" similar to slack but without the set up time it requires.

What it does

ChatLoco provides an easy place to create a custom URL chatroom where you can chat with people in your school project group or other groups.

How We built it

We built it using basic HTML webpages on top of a Firebase database system to manage the messages and chatrooms.

Challenges We ran into

One of the biggest struggles we had was understanding Firebase for the first time and using it to be able to write our message data. Tying in the creation of user generated urls and being able to populate those new html pages gave us a lot of trouble as well but using the # anchor method works great.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to quickly set up a rather complicated database framework using Firebase and making the correct child entries and pulling the snapshots to the site in order to make the message system work is something we are very proud of. Also integrating twitter authentication adds ease of use for account creation and the population of our data. That worked very well for us.

What I learned

We learned a ton about jquery and javascript front end development and how you can manipulate and call certain functions using the database. Using firebase was also a lot of fun and we learned that we will definitely use it in the future of development purposes.

What's next for ChatLoco

We hope to expand the database to be more user focused by being able to see and choose what rooms you are a part of. The design also needs to be worked on

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