As readers turn more to social platforms to consume news, our world becomes a series of links with no context.

By integrating chatlit with Facebook Messenger, we have created a seamless way for readers to get context to the articles they are reading.

And we need context more than ever!

All provided links lead people to free, downloadable fiction & non-fiction books from Overdrive and other easy to access sources.

Target Audience

18-25 year-olds who turn to social media for news consumption, discussions, and cross-sharing The 44% of the US population that gets their news from Facebook (that’s 66% of US Facebook users!)

What it does

Chatlit uses a Facebook Messenger chatbot to provide book suggestions based on the article you are reading.

Puzzled by that article? Want more context? Feel like you should know more about the effect of squirrels on our infrastructure?

Ask chatlit!

What's next for ChatLit

  • Use Overdrive Search API to identify matches to selected articles
  • Expand sources beyond Overdrive
  • Better contextualizing of articles (beyond keyword extraction)
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