Ever felt that your question might be too dumb to ask in class? Asked it anyway and ended up being the teacher's scapegoat? We understand how you feel, and it's now up to us to save you from it. ChatKitty will make you more productive in class and way less likely to suffer the public humiliation that comes from asking a dumb question. Every time you have a doubt, or have something to say, it goes up on the chat room purring in Firebase's servers, thus letting your classmates know what your doubt is, and giving them the option to answer it or maybe upvote your question till you gather the guts to ask it. That way, you'll never be wasting the class' time, and you'll most definitely not be that idiot who asked the teacher what type of a variable "int" stores. Best of all however is that your posts are under a randomly generated awesome alias (check it out), and there is an established voting system; so you can afford to be really dumb without being judged and if you do try to trouble other students, you will be buried under a whole load of downvotes. Any large classroom (most high school, college freshman and college sophomore classes in particular) will benefit a lot from this application and it's the students in these classes that we will be targeting.

hackDuke is the class ID for now

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