We were inspired by the many different chatbot platforms available to us, and wanted to find a way we could easily use them all together.

It allows users to design and deploy chatbots to all the important platforms at once through a code-free drag-and-drop interface.

We spun up different VMs to host different bots and customized each one, using flask API to communicate between services. We abstracted what a chatbot was to a point that it could be described in a Json file. We used react for the front end and used many different APIs to do things.

One of our biggest challenges was learning react, along with attempting to hook up the back-end and front-end work we did. It was also difficult to learn how to use every single API

We are proud of the fact that somehow we learned how to use React and Google Cloud, and were able to get so many APIs working.

In the future we want to finish off the APIs and make the UI smoother.

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