ChatGP-T1000 - The shapeshifter AI chat assistant

What if you could talk with anyone, dead or alive? Hear their voice, interact and ask them questions and see and hear them talk?

We give you a glimpse of the future, where rich personalized entertainment is available upon request.

Chat with GP-T1000 and ask it to become anyone!

DEMO Video


AI Tech Stack

For this bot we're using almost the full gamut of AI available solutions.

chatGPT (🧠) - Using advanced SpellCasting 🪄 to get it to play along in character

Whisper (👂) - To understand and parse natural language

UberDuck (📣) - Uses tacotron2 to generate texts to 3280+ pre-trained voices

StableDiffusion (🖼) - Visualizing our characters

wav2Lip (👄) - Deepfaking lip movement according to the sound generated by UberDuck, which were generated with chatGPT input.



How to use?

  • Join - Telegram Group
  • Become an Admin (More on this later)
  • Filter a list of voiced characters with @gp_T1000_bot <name> and select a character
  • Acknowledge the shape-shifting procedure
  • Record a voice or video note to receive a video response from the bot
  • Alternatively type /ask question and receive a text reply
  • Have fun!


This project would not be possible without :


@altryne and @dreaminder7

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