the Problem of...

Tourists without data plans, locals without phones and vision impaired experience a problem when looking for directions to their destination since they cannot easily access online navigation services in the city.


Our solution is a voice activated network of devices located at public transportation stops that can provide a step by step navigation and location based tips and services.

What it does:

Our solution is a device installed at a public transportation stop where users can interact with by voice, asking for navigation and other help around the city.

Core Features:

  • Bite size navigation instructions at every touch point of your journey

Your journey will be broken into easy to remember sections that will be delivered to you step by step at an each touch point. This way you will never have to remember the whole journey or ask locals for advise.

Supporting features

  • Cab ordering based on geo location
  • Local tips on the city
  • SOS
  • Food delivery
  • Information on tickets
  • Operation 24/7
  • Support for different languages
  • Visual instructions for last mile walking directions
  • Direct payment without local cash (tickets, cabs)

How we built it

We used two amazon voice service devices (amazon echo and raspberry pi). We built custom service on python to connect devices with each other and with esri geo API and google maps directions api.

How to monetize

Through sponsorship by selling spots “Sponsored directions by ..... “ Affiliate program for cab network, Airbnb, Hotel (shuttle services)

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