With the pandemic rising beyond our expectations, the health sector has focused more on how to battle this enemy of ours. Unfortunately, minor or probably even major emergencies have been left untouched. According to Penn Today, the Emergency Department has declined by over 40% since 2020, and the hope of that changing is very slim.

In common times, first aids are the easiest ways of helping victims to minimise injuries, future disabilities and most importantly keep them alive before the main help/ambulance service comes to the rescue. Coupled with the fact that many people in rural areas and developing countries are deprived of the opportunity to communicate with doctors or other medical practitioners and support during emergencies, there has also been an increase in the cost of medical health care and insurance.

But with Chatency (Chat + Emergency), a simple chatting system that allows any individual from across the globe to discuss with certified doctors on the server, I believe everything would be just fine.

What It Does

With a simple click on the website link, you can create an account and engage in a chat with a doctor, discuss various test results, allergies and lots more through Chatency. It ensures that individuals are able to get access to quality first aid service to help recovery before they may be taken to the hospital for advanced/proper checkups.

Chatting Instance 2

How I Built It

I built it using PHP, HTML, and CSS which I followed a tutorial.

Challenges I Ran Into

I ran into a challenge of figuring out how to delete the databases of users after their sessions.

Accomplishments That I'm Proud Of

I'm proud of being able to invest my time and effort into something that might be useful to the majority.

What I Learnt

I learnt how to make a PHP chatting system.

What's next for Chatency

I would love to improve it by adding more first aid service features and training, and integrating the chatting system into accepting video calls, voice calls, voice records and file sharing.

It's free, fast and easy. Join today and help cure millions of lives.

Notes literally meaning curing million lives.

Credits and Resources

  1. Usman Saeed

  2. Grace Xu

  3. PHP Chat Application Tutorial

  4. Clearing Log Files

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