Truly inspired from help desk chatbot when our deliveries are delayed we are so worried about it 😂so we tried to build up with this technology and also to solve problems like chatbot & iot function working together

What it does

It solves user's queries by giving them a auto correct replies and can generate user action like home automation if written like "rotos switch on the fan and play me a song" The chatbot can perform both iot function and reply methods This can also be implemented to Robotics also similar like cozmo bot and anki vector 😊

How we built it

We built it with python and machine learning algorithms

Challenges we ran into

Much challenges faced

Accomplishments that we're proud of

V1.0 is complete for this chatbot and we are expecting to upgrade it fully soon..

What we learned

More about machine learning and ai functioning

What's next for Chatbot v1.0 using machine learning & AI

v2.0 in progress we have started working on it and expecting to.complete it very soon

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