We are a group of passionate first year Computer Science majors here at UCSC who have sought out an opportunity to enhance our coding abilities. Our experience hinders us from completing an aesthetically pleasing web page app, but we have simply made a program that compares multiple fast food restaurants (input) and outputs the healthiest option for a fast food burger (given one specific parameters such as sodium or calories). For example, if I am a senior citizen with high blood pressure and I am in the mood for either an In-n-out burger or a McDonald's burger, I can now use this program to give me the burger with the lowest amount of sodium (since I would like to decrease my high blood pressure). This program scratches the surface of one of the most impeding illnesses America faces; obesity. Individual users of this technology can easily access the most desired information about whichever burger they may want, saving their time as they make the healthier food option.

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