Data leaks, hackers and other cybersecurity topics are dominating the news and concerning companies large and small. Cybersecurity help however is not very accessible today. Our service offers entry level information to the public with the ability to reach an expert consult for more complex topics.

What it does

Chat assistant supports conversations on key cyber topics and connections to individual consultants and firms.

How we built it

The main functionality is built on top of Amazon's Lex bot framework and a series of Lambdas hosted on a private server using an MVC model. Twilio is used to connect the Chat Bot to our consulting experts.

Challenges we ran into

Never built a bot before and humans can be vague.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The bot works and can even route you to one of us via phone!

What we learned

Research and interviews with professional cybersecurity consultants gave us insight into the key topics today.

What's next for ChatAssist

Building out additional content and connections to researchers/consultants.

Sample Conversations

check my data test my website test my skills

what is cybersecurity what is a passphrase what is the cia triad

do i need hippa i need a human

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