I was in Thailand during the holidays, and I wanted to go jungle trekking. The guide told me the price of the tour would decrease for each person that join us. I had no way to make sure other people would come, so I didn't know how much the tour would cost. With ChatAround, I could have created a chatroom and made an announcement: "Hi, I'm looking for nice people to come with me for a 2-days trekking in the jungle, contact me and let's go!".

What it does

ChatAround allows you to chat easily to people around you. You can use it to make announcement, to meet new people, to find a carpooling... You may be asking yourself : how does ChatAround solve or improve logistical problems for disaster relief encountered by people ? Chataround is a powerful tool in case of a disaster, as it will allow people impacted by a disaster to quickly regroup and exchange informations. This can be either intuitive (people impacted by the disaster will naturally look for other people around them) or documented (corporate instructions to log on Chataround in case of a situation); so Chataround provides help to the first user categories of the bluemixhackathon, people immediately impacted by disasters. As Chataround also allows the creation of remote chatrooms, accessible by people around a specific location that you would decide, it will also be a precious help for first responders & backend support teams. ChatAround can then be turned into an information broadcasting system, focused on people who are exactly in the disaster area.

How I built it

I'm working on the proof of concept with Mr Mobio, my developper. We want to use Bluemix's services, such as Geocoding, .Php, Cloudant NoSQL Db, and SendGrid.

Challenges I ran into

I'm a student, so it is sometimes hard to both work on my application and study.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I pitched my project at Lille's Start Up Week-End; ChatAround interested many entrepreneurs, who worked with me during the whole week end. I'm looking forward to pitch my project at such other contests.

What I learned

I've been working on ChatAround for 3 months, during which I learnt perseverance and entrepreneurship. I also learnt a lot about app developing, designing and the social networks markets.

What's next for ChatAround

We are now finishing the proof of concept's development. I will continue to pitch my project at different entepreneur contests. I want to get a first version of ChatAround by the end of the year, so I can start working seriously on the business plan and contact investors.

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