Live chat is an essential part of any servicedesk environment and it helps in having better customer satisfaction. But currently JIRA servicedesk doesn't have native live chat for customers to get their queries resolved in real time. Instead of having to wait for a reply on a ticket which can be frustrating at times.

What it does

It allows customers and agents to chat with each other in real time. Customers can initiate chat by simply clicking on the chat widget available on the customer portal. Agent and customer can exchange messages as well as any file - attachments as part of the chat conversation.

  • Agents can transfer chat to other agents in case of any assistance required.
  • Agents can create a request(issue) on behalf of a customer from chat for further followup if needed.
  • Chat for JSD also offers the ability to embed chat widget on external websites so that customers/prospects can chat with your agents from your website.
  • localization support is available for french and portugese
  • Servicedesk project admin can customize the look and feel of chat widget available on the portal. They can set custom welcome messages, offline messages and control colors.

How I built it

What started as curious proof of concept just before codegeist was announced, led me this far to making this submission. I just wanted to understand if a live chat can be implemented at all on cloud or not. After lots of trial and error I could get it working and the basic version was submitted to the marketplace for approval. I was lucky to get some early adopters even before marketplace approval to try it out and share their feedback. They made me realize that chatting was just a small part of the whole solution. People want it to be configurable and customizable with many more features. Most of the features which you see in the app has been mostly suggested by people who tried using it.

Challenges I ran into

Biggest challenge I encountered was putting the chat widget on the customer portal. There are limited UI locations available on the customer portal for apps to extend. After a lot of searching and discussion on forums, footer element was the only viable location.

  • Showing the user's name without storing it to avoid getting into gdpr compliance was another challenge.
  • Getting the publisher subscriber model to work for messaging was another challenge
  • Getting to right documentations and support on any queries

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Learning nodejs from scratch.
  • Getting the messaging bit to work.
  • Embed chat widget on customer portal and website.

What I learned

I learned a lot as I started almost from ground zero, before this I had just developed a small connect app that was in springboot long time back.For this app I decided to learn nodejs so I had to learn nodejs, express and allied technologies to put this together. I also got some deep dive into various JIRA & Servicedesk APIs which I had never used before. Overall it was satisfying experience.

What's next for Chat for JIRA Service Desk Cloud

There are many ideas I have, I would like to develop this app to be much beyond being just a chat app but to be a more powerful part of the whole workflow. I would eventually like it to be as powerful as any other live chat apps available outside Atassian ecosystems. I have listed some pointers below, some have been tried to an extent and some other are just thoughts

  • Integrate Knowledge Base - I did try this using servicedesk’s experimental knowledge base API which is available but was not entirely happy with results so it's disabled for now.
  • Anonymous portal support - Somehow I was under the impression that JSD doesn't allow anonymous access
  • Ability to send notifications to agents even when he's not on the chat support page. This is currently not possible and needs changes in framework from Atlassian. Ecosystem ticket is already open with them.
  • Once above is possible agent can set themselves as online & offline, schedule can also be set for the agent
  • Feedback at end of chat
  • Canned response
  • FAQ bot to answer standard questions
  • Chatbot for better conversational support
  • Automated actions from chat
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