The inspiration are fourfold: 1) Frequent shuffling of manpower (auditors) means audit documents pertaining to a project are fragmented and unconsolidated 2) Clients are not punctual in submitting the documents thus the Auditors schedule will snowball 3) Auditors manually remind their clients to request for their documents. This can be automated to reduce the workload of the Auditors especially in crunch times. 4) Auditors face a challenge in managing many clients in many different projects and their respective audit documents

What it does

What our solution is fourfold respectively: 1) Provide a centralized document sharing platform to easily keep track of the documents within a project 2) Give automated reminders to the client when they have yet to submit their audit documents to the Auditor 3) Auditor is able to remind clients easily and intuitively on what documents they would like to request from the client 4) Clearly define boundaries between each project and the documents within it

How we built it

We build a chatbot to facilitate the following solutions above. Joey (our personal assistant chatbot:

1) Acts as an intermediary to easily and intuitively request documents from a client within a project. 2) Once, the documents are submitted by the client, Joey will notify everybody in the project so that all team members are aware of the document that was submitted. 3) Automate the reminders to the client

_ For this project, only 1) and 2) were implemented _

Challenges we ran into

1) Deciding on the technological scope of the project. We delivered less than what we intended to committed (though we had the main use case down) 2) Tight timeframe in which to develop the application and the business idea

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) WE BUILD A CHATBOT!!!! 2) Many apps and technologies were learnt and used in this hackathon 3) Integrated and diversified team that contribute to the overarching goal in our own unique ways

What we learned

1) Time management (COMMIT LESS, DELIVER MORE) 2) Working together and complementing each other with our strengths

What's next for Chat-Board

1) AI implementation to predict the documents to be requested 2) AI implementation to to predict the best time to send reminders to the client 3) Natural Language Processing (NLP) to better make our chatbot more human-like, intuitive and intelligent 4) Implement our own application instead of relying on Slack to host our chat bot 5) Block chain implementation to ensure integrity of the documents that were submitted by the client 6) and of course... bug fixes... hahaha


Please download the slides in the google drive link to view the videos emdedded in it!! (:

Sincerely, Team Chatterbox

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