I needed to be able to get expert advice from a doctor for my pregnant wife and i could not find any means to do so I needed to discuss with a doctor and I felt that there are lots of people all over the world with a similar problem, then I was inspired to create this app It has 2 parts, first is the users' part, where users register and sign in and the second part, is the doctors part, where doctors sign in

What it does:

It provides a means through which individual users can chat with various medical personnel from all over the world

How I built it:

i used java in android studio and PHP storm,

Challenges I ran into:

Time mostly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

The App

What I learned:

My development skills have improved.

What's next for Chat A Doctor app:

I am currently looking for seed funding to take the app and the company to the next level and Global

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Many people all over the world still don't have access to instant health and medical advisory services. People need a method of getting in touch with medical personnel for first aid , instant therapy and other health needs

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