We wanted to combine the power and flexibility of big SQL data, the transformation capability of Power Query and the visual appeal of Tableau.

What it does

Chartnado queries a variety of data sources including:

  • Excel Files
  • SQL Server
  • Analysis Services
  • Power BI
  • Kusto
  • and more to come, including Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL

and feeds the query results through a business user friendly graphical functional expression builder, and finally supplies aggregated data to the visuals. There is significant conditional formatting capability based on the functional expression builder.

How we built it

Chartnado is a single page application built in TypeScript that uses an ASP.NET Core back-end as a data proxy to database servers hosted in the cloud. In a future version Chartnado will also connect to on-premise data sources using Teams tenant app deployment combined with a local data proxy.

Challenges I ran into

OAuth token authentication for data access was an interesting learning experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are a small team with limited resources but we managed to deliver a big application in a small package.

What we learned

esbuild is excellent. Webpack is less excellent.

What's next for Chartnado

We plan to add additional visuals, data sources and the on-prem data proxy.

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