In a world where the divide of wealth is increasing individuals must be given the opportunity to imporve there financial situation. Here lies CharterWay the only sms based trading platform that will allow anyone with a phone, reception and a robinhood account to trade.

What it does

It allows anyone with cellular coverage and a robinhood account to trade sto

How we built it

We used twilio API to send sms commands to a nodeJS server. With creating an algorithm to parse the string we were able to use the keywords to call functions within the Robinhood API and returning messages either confirming or

Challenges we ran into

some methods used for the robinhood API were depreciated so we had to find new ways around them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to successfully create a server and also have forms communicate with our backend.

What we learned

Creating a server with nodeJS, Express framework, expanding HTML, CSS, Javascript

What's next for CharterWay

Seed round A

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