We live in a unique times- we are seeing how software and hardware technologies can be applied to many of the processes that normally we're not high tech. When it comes to applying technology to medical care we have to take into account the fact that more than half of the people that require frequent medical care are people who are usually the late to the very last adopters of technology. With this in mind, for any technology to succeed it has to offer a bridge between the old ways of doing things while at the same time making it easier to use the new technology. When it comes to medical records, It is not enough, to essentially collect and combine medical records, there has to be a tool that makes it personal. That is what health care really is at its heart- a personal experience. So what can make medical records more personal? The answer is quite simply an access card. Something patients can feel with their fingertips. At first thought, it seems like a ridiculously simple idea, but simplicity is what our healthcare system needs. Our vision is to collect medical records for patient via publicly available API like SHIN-NY or do the manual labor of collecting it ourselves from various medical facilities that the patient has visited. Despite the complexity at the backend, for the patient, all they will know is that they will have the luxury of carrying around a medical access card that they can use or give to any one to access their updated medical records. Please visit the video at http://vimeo.com/51951823 and the website at www.chartsage.com.

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