Neo4j browser is a useful tool for data exploration and querying. However, we felt that basic charts are a useful data visualisation and representation tools that were not being addressed. We wanted to create something that looks really good and can be customised easily with a few clicks. We wanted something that could be exported and we could showcase the charts anywhere.

What it does

Here we worked on an elegant solution that can create charts with simple clicks and queries. There are different types of graphs that are available in this application. You can simply create variables, map them with queries and that's all! Now you can use values from these variables in your graph to create one or more traces. You can create different graphs such as simple line graph, heatmaps and other more complex ones. You can create as many as variables you want and use them in your chart.

Further you can extend the design and look of your chart with the design tools. These tools also allow you to export the chart. After exporting, you can showcase the charts anywhere (on your website, presentations, etc.)

How we built it

We have primarily used react, plotly charts and graph-app-kit to build this application.

It's built as a neo4j graph application that can run inside neo4j Desktop.

Challenges we ran into

Working with this kind of database was quite new for us so we had a great time learning about it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Understanding of Neo4j ecosystem and application management.

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