AI chatbots are weird. They're great, but weird. The research clearly shows that they can help in a huge variety of ways, especially with our mental health, but it can be hard to talk to them. They still feel like, well, robots. They're very unnatural to speak with regularly, and their responses seem programmed. With charlie™, we're changing the game.

What it does

Turns your favourite AI chatbot in to your favourite friend! Ever felt like Google, Alexa or Siri are giving you the cold shoulder? Don't truly understand your emotions? Feel like a... robot? With charlie™, you'll have a true friend. A friend that doesn't judge you, that understands your feelings, and just someone to have a good old normal chat with.

But how? charlie™ doesn't just listen, charlie™ sees. charlie™ is like your caring, loving grandparent. charlie™ watches as you speak, guaging all of your visual cues and body language, to build a full picture of how you feel. charlie™ will be the friend you wish you found sooner.

How we built it

Using the latest, cutting-edge plug-and-play webcam technology, charlie™ is able to interact with you through a sophisticated openCV and Python3.7 backend.

Challenges we ran into

charlie™ still has a lot to learn due to the limited timescale. charlie™ is still developing it's sight, and can sometimes get confused with you and the background. Don't worry though, charlie™ will have 20:20 vision soon.

What we learned

With our limited testing, we saw that charlie™ could really put a smile on your face. What more could you want?! :)

What's next for charlie

To be implement with all the major players in the AI chatbot game. Partnering with Silicon Valley, the NHS and Talk It Out (with Upping Your Elvis).

To be YOUR best friend.

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