we wanted to help small and local businesses like restaurants during corona crises.

What it does

we have a website on which the owner of the business logs in via facebook login and can setup a messenger bot for his facebook page. To configure the bot the owner of the business just has to answer a set of questions, enter some texts, upload his offer as a spreadsheet and connect all data to the page. The messenger bot uses the data entered in configuration to build a shop based in Facebook Messenger which shows the offer of the business, offers delivery or pickup options, a shopping cart and checkout.

How I built it

the entire system is built on java technologie, using mysql as data storage. It is using facebook login as well as page permissions in order to connect the bot service to the users facebook page

Challenges I ran into

we built this right in the switch to the new page permissions and had to wait a long time for review.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the platform is hopefully helping businesses in my region. The bot looks smart and has some nice features like "recent orders" which helps to quickly file a new order.

What I learned

I learned a lot about facebook permissions and conversational design for Facebook Messenger and how quick replies can help users navigating to a chat bot solution easily.

What's next for Charlie - eCommerce Chatbot Platform

Hopefully, we will be able to integrate payment into the checkout flow which is not enabled yet. Additionally, we plan to add the option to utilize handover protocol.

Please enable captions in the video to see some more infos about the demonstration.

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