Through communications with Charles River Community Health, we have evaluated some of their challenges and needs. Through this hack, we will focus on two of their top challenges. The first challenge is that they want to attract younger board members as they believe that they could contribute immensely and be able to represent the younger patients that they serve. They also believe that it is important for their organizations as they would gain different views and creative ideas to some of their challenges. Another major challenge for Charles River Community Health is the number of uninsured patients that they serve. They offer many services but somehow patients with private insurance tend to go to the hospital if they are in need of a service. Therefore, we would like to add a new service to the community health center as well as to expand a current service. We would like to offer general rehabilitation services and to include VR as it is proven that patients are more engaged when it comes to regaining their mobility. For example, imagine someone who's been running marathons their whole life. Imagine that they were in an accident and they had to do physical therapy to regain their mobility. With VR they are able to imagine running again and it will engage and reduce their recovery process. A second solution to the amount of uninsured patients is that we would like for Brandeis to refer students and staff to go and see CRCH's mental health services. We believe that this will encourage people in need to go as they would not have to run into their peers, be embarrassed about seeking help and once at CRCH, no other patients in the room will know which service you are there for.

What it does

The Board Boot Camp will strengthen the relationship between Brandeis, the community and their alumni. Brandeis can tap into their connections with win win benefits. The Boot Camp is open for Brandeis graduate students as well as alumni, and then we will offer a career fair for a matching session. As already mentioned above, we want to expand, introduce and gain referrals through services.

How I built it

We got a lot of help from our organization as we wanted to focus on their challenges and come up with solutions.

Challenges I ran into

We had a lot of ideas with regards to solving these two challenges, and we wanted to try and include all of our ideas.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are happy to say that we believe that this program could be implemented today by Brandeis Alumni Association, and we are happy to educate and teach CRCH with our solutions to gain more insured patients. We also believe that working with Brandeis, CRCH can get more referrals and serve more patients. We also believe that this is a benefit for Brandeis as the overall health of the Brandeis community will be better.

What I learned

That it takes a lot of time to come up with solutions to an already existing organization. I have also learned that it is important to have a good teammate in which we can discuss our ideas. I do not believe that the final project could have been this great without my teammate. We definitely combined our strengths and worked hard to come up with our results.

What's next for Charles River Community Health

We believe that with this program, they can start recruiting young professionals already next spring. We also believe that they can implement the expansion of services in order to solve their challenge of having a large majority of uninsured patients.

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