Latha - I have been working closely with a NGO's which is very genuine but they are struggling to raise enough funds so I was curious to find a solution to their problem in terms of exposure.

Laxmi - A employee of TechData wants to donate money for the development of Indian girls, but she is unsure if the money is being reached to the end beneficiary.

What it does

A platform to bridge small scale NGO's and beneficiaries with Donors

How we built it

Using BlockChain technology, Digital Marketing and Web Technology

Challenges we ran into

Detail Understanding of technicalities

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finding a solution that can help small scale NGO's to come into the limelight

What we learned

How the technology can ease the communications, transactions and build trust between parties.

What's next for CharityOnBlocks

Get funding for the implementation and build a success story.

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