Malicious players have been using JavaScript mining through advertisements to take advantage of consumer's CPU power without their consent. We realized that this technology has tremendous positive potential when used for good. Thus FutureMineded was born. We use a transparent consent-based approach to utilize participant’s CPU resources to generating revenue which is in turn used to support the tech education of our future leaders.

What it does

FutureMineded has an incredibly simple implementation, and in that simplicity is power. At its core, the project runs as a JavaScript miner for a cryptocurrency, in the model the Monero Blockchain. Users opt-in in order run the miner directly in their browser and mine in exchange for an ad free experience or variety of other incentives. Some examples include granting video streaming time, offering files for download, and crediting in-game money or items to the user. The currency mined by users is then directed automatically proportionally toward charitable institutions and content creators by utilizing smart contracts, demonstrated using an Ethereum smart contract in this project. From here, the currency is sold at market price and the process is complete.

How we built it

First we built a page that asks for the user to consent to mining Monero (a specific type of cryptocurrency built for mining with consumer CPU's rather than specialized GPU's or ASIC's) for charity. Regardless of whether their answer is yes or no they are immediately redirected to the website they originally wished to navigate to (in our example Netflix), but if they do consent then another windows to a website we built opens up which has it's own Monero miner embedded into it with the CoinHive API and displays information about how much the user has mined in total, their hashrate, etc. The second half of our project lies in a Smart Contract built with Truffle and Solidity that automatically donates 75% of the money being made to a charity's wallet, and given that Smart Contracts are publicly available on the Etherium blockchain there is complete transparency with our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of our primary goals was to give the end user the least amount of hindrance to the content they are trying to access, so that the act of charity requires the least amount of inputs from the end user. After hours of troubleshooting, the team limited the number of inputs to just the user giving his consent. Our mining system runs in the background and automatically uses smart contracts to transact 75% of the earnings directly to charity. On the webpage, to give the user as sense of reward, the webpage displays a live counter that displays the amount of Monero they helped donate.

What We Learned

Creating the project was an exercise in brainstorming and leveraging different platforms in a cohesive manner to build a complete functioning system. The team believes that the act of charity should not be an inconvenience. We learned how the least number of obstacles can discourage a potential user to allow mining and, as a result, the amount of impact removing these obstacles can have. Developing Future minded was a learning experience for the team not only in terms of technical skills but into understanding how the user will react to motivations and obstacles set to them.

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