Inspiration. I was Inspired by Luca's project on non-profit organizations being able to fulfill missions of charity without all the overhead and allowing people to make direct impact with their money and donations through smart contracts. I thought, well of course this is well and good, but what's another benefit and outcome of donation besides positive side, tax benefits! People should be rewarded and we can make more funds possible to go towards charity, and transformative impact with less fees being paid, and more tax savings, allowing the extra delta to go back to the giver as well as the project. With direct tax deductions.

What it does. Allows people to pay taxes with non-fiat currency. through write offs, to 501-c3 orgs.

How we built it. TBD

Challenges we ran into. Don't Code, yet ;-)

Accomplishments that we're proud of.

What we learned.

What's next for

Built With

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