Charity Rank provides a tool to help critically evaluate charitable organizations in order to help determine which are the most effective. It does so in a simple and intuitive way by asking users to compare two charities at a time for several iterations. The charities' effectiveness is established based on various metrics that we integrated into our design. In this tournament-style arrangement, users should find it much easier to determine how helpful it would be to contribute to various charities, and hopefully feel more confident about donating.

Our database contains more than 7,800 charities. We scraped all of this info (including a description, financial, accountability, programing expenses, administrative expenses, and compensation data)very efficiently using Kimono Labs. With that many charities to choose from, it is definitely necessary to weigh your options in an educated manor.

We also have a top results page to keep you well informed on how other users of our site are voting. We use a variant of the elo chess rating system to rank the charities. The elo rating system predicts the likelyhood for which of two players (here they are charities) will win. The elo rating system sucess has been shown in its usage for over 50 years in the United States Chess Federation.

Not all charities impact your community the same. Find local charities where you can see the benefits of your donation. Sometimes donating your time is more helpful than donating your money.

Not all charities are efficient. The percentage of a charity's proceeds used for its programs and services range from X% to Y%. The amount money used to fundraise $1 ranges from X¢ to Y¢.

Not all charities are accountable and transparent. Some charities do not have a conflict of interest policy. Other charities will even hide the CEO's salary.

Web, mobile, and tablet compliant.

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