Created with inspiration from family's charity, where we try to reach out to those who are isolated and forgotten from the society. We aim to bring up the unfortunate ones, to bring them up together to the society.

What it does

A platform that links the society together and embraces the feeling of being one with the community. It allows people to find charities, participate in their events, and even donate money! It makes the process of donating money completely transparent since the information about who donated how much is open to public. Our platform also enables people to take initiation and create their own charity-related events too!

How we built it

First we discussed what the database schema should look like so that both the front end and the backend people have an idea of the entities and relationships involved in this project and then created it (mysql). Then we discussed the file directory structure and decided one that suits everyone the most while also being scalable.

Challenges we ran into

Most APIs we wanted to use had some sort of fee associated with its use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not only did we make a project that is pure good to the community, we also overcame the common issues that would arise such as lack of transparency

What we learned

We learnt that while working we need to listen more to each other. We learnt that moral and ethics are important, that's why we made a project on charity.

What's next for Charity Link

We aim to one day deploy it online and aim to get users to donate to charities. We aim to raise awareness of the current world situation. We aim to create a better world.

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