The inspiration for Charity Banner came from the realization that unintrusive

What it does

Charity Banner allows site administrators to generate a <script> tag that loads a custom charity promotion banner at the top of their web page. By loading a banner onto their page, anyone from small business owners to bloggers can donate their web traffic to a good cause.

How we built it

We built a landing page that allows users to generate scripts using Bootstrap, jQuery and other frontend web technologies. A Firebase cloud function serves the script that loads the banner.

Challenges we ran into

Our original idea was to create a Chrome extension that allowed users to load ads onto every page they visit and donate the revenue generated by the ads to a charity of their choice. Unfortunately, Google does not allow ad injection on their platforms, and they didn't leave many loopholes. We decided to flip this idea on its head and allow administrators to generate donations rather than users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a finished product with 8 hours to go allowed us to really put on some nice final touches, including multiple styles of banners and a wider assortment of organizations to donate to.

What we learned

On this project, we used tech with which we were already familiar, so we learned more about the process of creating a good product. We decided, unlike usual, to focus more on the user experience and creating a product that could potentially help people than on the complexity of the technology. Instead of building a gizmo or a gadget we wanted to build a product that could help the world.

What's next for Charity Banner

We're planning on adding more charities to our site, as well as creating a "quick donate" button so that users can donate with a minimal amount of clicks.

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