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Discovering charities can be difficult. With apps shifting toward more home-based IoT devices (see: Amazon Alexa), the more convenient and user friendly apps have an avenue to win out.

ChariTV allows users to browse and donate to charities from the comfort of their living rooms using their Android or FireTV device, save charities and videos to their watch lists', and keep track of Charities they've donated to from the app dashboard.

How I built it

Modified a Netflix-style Fire/Android TV kit to support discovering Youtube videos and charities internationally. Pull QR codes for these charities and enable donating from your mobile device.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up the server that would provide the content for the app.

What I learned

  • How to set up a Fire and Android TV application
  • Deploy a server on Heroku that pulls the latest charities that accept remote donations

What's next for ChariTV

  • Validate the app further, replace demo charities with additional sponsored parties.
  • Extend the platform to support remote lending (not just donating) such as done on
  • Introduce social and gamification features for donating amongst friends and other users.

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