Charitron is based on helping people in need who dont want to ask for handouts, so a smart charitable vending machine

What it does

A smart charitable vending machine: a person can buy something from the vending machine, and can then also pay for some needy person to be able to obtain an item for free from the machine. This is a system where a needy user can register online with their details and send a request to be approved. once they are reviewed and approved, they can approach a charitron vending machine, and if there has been a donation payment made, they can verify their identity with face recognition and the charitron will dispense the free item!

Admin Dashboard

After logging in as admin, you can see user's name, age, gender, email and their note talking their need. After verifying their claim the admin can approve or deny the request. You can look at approved requests, pending requests, and also adjust based on the time period.

How I built it

hardware: arduino motors raspberry pi pi camera

software python html javascript C

Challenges I ran into

Getting the hardware to actually work like a vending machine. Collaborating in a virtual mode is difficult so we divided tasks among us. Backend, frontend, design and hardware.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are super proud of getting a working system! We've used zoom calls to learn from each other and collaborate across different tasks.

What I learned

Working across the globe in timezones is difficult.

What's next for Charitron

better prototype more UI/UX more options

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