Robinhood but for charities!

Created by: Arren De Manuel, Dylan Greicius, Helen Zhou, Martin Magsombol

  • Philanthropists and nonprofit organizations are able to register on this app
  • Philanthropists are able to support their favorite charities as well as find their new ones based on their interests
  • Organizations and and users are able to customize their own profiles
    • Organizations will be saved on a database and sorted based on interest tags. Using these interest tags, users are able to discover new charities based on their beliefs and values
    • Organization page showcases info about their cause, some media (a video, slideshow of images, etc), and recent news about the org
      • On here, users are able to donate to them, and/or subscribe to gain updates about the charity
    • Philanthropists page can be updated with the user's custom profile piture, bio, donation total, interests, and favorite organization
  • Used React Native to design and implement a platform for users to be able to easily donate to nonprofit organizations Inspired by Robinhood.
  • DocuSign API implementation
    • email verification
    • identity verification (for nonprofit organizations)
    • etc.
  • Google API: Firebase
    • saves user accounts into database
    • includes their relevant information that can be shown within transactions
    • also stores transaction histories between users
  • Lucidchart
    • prototyped the user experience and user interface
    • included visual design of core functionality as well as future use cases to be implemented Welcome Screen Email Screen Password Screen Name Screen Phone Number Screen Identification Screen Date of Birth Screen Link to Bank Screen Main Screen Main Screen (transition) Philanthropist Profile Screen Nonprofit #2 Screen

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