Getting real tech experience is hard. We go to hackathons, build our own apps and sites but nothing beats facing a real world problem that can be solved with tech.

The caveat is that getting access to work experience and the opportunity to tackle these problems is difficult. Many businesses don't want to take the risk of hiring somewhere whose 'learning'.

And so we built Charitable. A platform that connects SMEs, Mentors and Interns

What it does

We help students/interns/whoever wants to learn how to code get real work experience by pairing them with projects that are guided by a mentor. This helps the students get experience they couldn't have gotten elsewhere.

Mentors are able to be paid and so it can be seen as a side gig for developers with a passion to teach.

SMEs would post projects and pay a flat fee (to cover the mentor costs)

How we built it

Currently it's a monolithitic Django app. We wanted to de-couple but for the sake of time and speed we choose to go with Django.

What's next for Charitable

We plan on maturing the platform further and releasing it at a later date.

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