Inspiration: “Offering real incentives to people to change their society in a positive way ”

Global Citizen hosted an event in South Africa where they encouraged members of society to get involved with issues plaguing their communities and the world at large. Global Citizen attempted to motivate people to inform themselves and others about these issues by offering up tickets to a concert they organised and had performers volunteer to perform.

Users earned entries into the draw by emailing, tweeting or writing to agencies that were tasked with fixing some of the problems but have neglected their duty. Although this a fine attempt there was still no evident change in the behaviour of these agencies.

We built a basic functioning website with minimal interactivity as a proof of concept to present to investors. This was created with the basic web developement languages

Our biggest accomplishment is creating a system that we believe can introduce real change into the world and change the way society interacts with charities and the communities in need

We learnt the importance to team work and understanding that everyone who works on this project will add their own new flair to the project.

Our main goal for the project is to introduce the back end to the system and introduce the functionality that is currently represented by images or empty buttons

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