A desire to create a social media platform to help connect non-profits to donors in this post-pandemic world.

What it does

The platform allows non-profits to run campaigns that users can view and donate to. Users can see how much non-profits have raised, as well as their past campaigns. We've also included sections to showcase trending campaigns, as well as campaigns similar to the ones a user is currently looking at.

Additionally, this puts new non-profits on even ground with established non-profits so that they can secure funding more easily.

How we built it

The mobile application was built using the Flutter framework and is powered by Amazon RDS with MySQL. Python scripts have also been written to optimize querying and DB population.

Challenges we ran into

Since there was limited official support for AWS integration on the Flutter framework, we had to test multiple third-party plugins before finding one that securely and consistently connected to the AWS service so we could upload and list the contents of our S3 bucket.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have built a fully functional mobile app that eases the connection of NPOs with donors during this pandemic where people are encouraged to practice social distancing and to stay at home. Our platform also provides unique insights into the most popular campaigns, non-profits as well as donors.

What we learned

We have understood the various services Amazon provides and learned how to integrate it into our mobile application. Furthermore, after extensive research, we have identified promising methods to connect NPO's with donors securely and efficiently. We were also able to manage the state of the application efficiently using the provider architecture, thus enabling us to scale our app easily and maintain it in the future.

What's next for ChariMe

In the future, we want to integrate Amazon Pay into the system to streamline the payment services, and alternatively, we're looking at implementing an Amazon Quantum Ledger Database system to manage fast, secure, and decentralized payments.

Additionally, we want to build a recommender system as we believe donations to charity are driven by passion and personal experience, leading us to the conclusion that users are more likely to donate to charities that are similar to ones they've already donated to.

Finally, we want to implement a ranking system that would display the total revenue earned by non-profits, their excess/deficit, and their IRS standing, so users can make more informed decisions about which non-profits to donate to.

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