Group Number 8 - Ben 10

💡 Inspiration

After analyzing the prompt, and some quick research, our team quickly realized the lack of resources for tracking charging stations efficiently, and applications that analyze the total time it takes in the process of charging electric vehicles, rather than just the distance.

ChargePilot was designed to solve all the issues we analyzed with competitor applications, as well as additionally adding features that will promote users to switch to electric vehicles, and hopefully aid to an increase in environmental sustainability!

🔍 What it does

ChargePilot is an intuitive mobile application that simplifies EV charging by helping you find the most optimal route based on the total time, not distance.

⚙️ Our Tech Stack

tech stack

🚧 Challenges we ran into

  • Google Maps API doesn't have any plug-ins
  • Backend integration with the frontend
  • We struggled with connecting the data storage to SQL database and had to switch to firebase

✔️ Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud of the idea we had; took a lot of work to think outside the box
  • Successfully getting the functionality to work within a sprint hackathon

📚 What we learned

  • Everyone used libraries they've never used before
  • Those who had used some libraries before learnt how to use them with other technologies in a way they didn't try before
  • First 24 hour hackathon for everyone, teaching us how to work in a sprint format

🔭 What's next for ChargePilot

  • Expand ChargePilot to be used all over North America, as eventually anywhere in the world! -Fix any Bugs and Glitches -Integrate monetization through payed business discount codes

🤖 Hardware / ML - Parking Spot Detection Demo

A demo of the parking spot detector can be seen here:

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