As students who often are involved in or support local fundraising events, we wanted to streamline the process to make it more efficient. Handing out and keeping flyers is cumbersome and ineffective. But the desire to donate to charity is strong! We wanted to harness the goodwill of the public and make it easy for them to support fundraising events while still ordering their favourite food.

What it does:

A website in the style of Ubereats where you can search for local restaurants but only those who are hosting a fundraising event. Order your food as you would through our website, which will automatically input the coupon code for the fundraising upon check out. Additionally, allows users to advertise their fundraising event.


We initially planned on creating a mobile Xcode app. This would've given us a lot of knew knowledge in the mobile development space. However, it seemed that creating a website was the fastest, and most efficient method of executing the application in this time frame. Not all team members had access to Xcode which would've made collaboration difficult.

After pivoting towards web development, we immediately started looking into HTML/CSS, and back end tools for the database. Richab, a mentor volunteering at the Hackathon, provided us with a great start to a Firebase and creating accounts for our app. Each page of the app had to be linked properly to an account. Creating/editing a fundraiser, and creating/editing a profile all had to be linked. A fundraiser was associated with a user, and each user could edit their own profile.

Once each page was created, the last part was to implement the EatStreet API.

Challenges we ran into:

Understanding APIs and how they work together, in particular using the EatStreet APIs which proved to be a big challenge! None of us were familiar with using APIs. We would also like to give a shout-out to Rishab for all his help!

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

As a team of beginner coders, we are very proud of learning new skills such as HTML, using APIs and Vuejs. We all had mixed skill levels and we worked well as a team supporting and teaching each other.

What we learned:

We spent most of our time learning about APIs, as well as user login with Firebase. Firebase was a completely new tool that none of us were familiar with.

What's next for Chareatable:

As well as sprucing up the look of our website, we would like to implement more functionality such as being able to create multiple fundraisers for a single restaurant and integrating maps.

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