I always wanted to develop one live wallpaper app .

What it does

Charco is a live wallpaper app that provides users location & weather information along with beautiful/famous/feel good quotes based on it which might help users make money.

How I built it

Using my own hands. hahaha !!! trnql SDK and Android Studio :) .

Challenges I ran into

Developing the entire app was a challenge since i have not made live wallpaper android app before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing my first live wallpaper app using 3rd party api . wow !

What I learned

A lot !!

What's next for Charco

Adding animations improving UI/UX of the app adding more quotes in the database. the remaining 70% of app to be precise.


I am publishing the app 2 hrs before the hackathon deadline. It will take some time to be available on google playstore. I Apologize in advance.

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