We all have that one friend who always asks for some money, but never seems to give it back. It's awkward for us to ask for it back and we no longer feel inclined to let them borrow money. That's where Charbo - short for Charge Borrow comes in.

What it does

With Charbo, users can ask their friends to lend them some money, providing a date when they can pay it back. On that day, Charbo will automatically initiate a bank transfer from that user's bank account into the lender's bank account, with a small interest, to give people an incentive to lend money.

How I built it

The projects consisted of two parts - a back end written in NodeJS and an Android client written in Java. We used MogoDB to store our data, and Google Firebase to send notifications to android devices. In addition, we used Capital One's API to handle all the bank related actions. The server code and mongodb is run on an AWS EC2 instance.

Challenges We ran into

Building two applications in two different languages for 2 different platforms in such a limited amount of time was not an easy task. Figuring out how to use Firebase from google for pushing notification has also proven to be quite tricky.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working prototype of the app that does everything we intended it to do.

What I learned

Firebase was something we did not have a lot of experience with prior to today.

What's next for Charbo

Ironing out bugs and making it more aesthetically appealing.

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