As a new business that strives for a flat hierarchy and efficiency, keeping our management team small is critical. Currently our CTO manages all 20 engineers and 10 products, this allows him to get quick overviews on people's productivity, happiness and collaboration with respect to many specific tasks, projects and/or teams.

What it does

Monitors all communication: slack, office chitter chatter (microphone sensor) and ambiance (microphone sensor). Provides concise overview of all communication. Feeds it all to Watson for analysis. We then run a few heuristic algorithms to determine key metrics: happiness, productivity and collaboration.

How we built it


  • AI (Watson)
    • Alchamy API
    • Tone Analyzer
    • Speech to Text
    • Deployed Server to bluemix
  • IOT
    • Sound sensor
    • Decible sensor

Challenges we ran into

It was a challenge to get a good user experience. Also getting the microphone to work as a sensor through the browser.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A product that has the potential to disrupt!! Complete end-end solution that offers, what we believe, is a complete overview of a key part of a manager's responsibility. We believe that this will bring down numbers of managers in organizations.

What we learned

Using Watson services and deploying to BlueMix. Running background tasks with flask. Accessing the microphone and getting raw data through the browser.

What's next for Chap

A well-earned vacation and a raise

Built With

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