You can't get through college without getting sick. Between densely populated living areas and generally unhygienic college students, taking care of your own health is nearly impossible. Recently in UMD, we've had quite a few struggles with health - one student sadly passed away from an adenovirus strain.

One of our friends was also affected by this virus and needed to take a break from school for almost two months. Right before PennApps, a few of my floormates started to catch colds as well. Shouldn't there be a way to prevent this from happening?

What it does

Chansey takes care of you. It:

  • Allows users to report their symptoms
  • Notifies users of higher than usual reports in the buildings they frequent (via text)
  • Visualizes report data for health officials and users in a simple but detailed method

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We build our front end completely from scratch, as well as implementing a custom login flow. We also put in a lot of time architecting our backend so that it is high in performance and scalable.

What we learned

We learned that full stack apps are harder to make than they seem.

What's next for Chansey

Chansey will integrate with third party APIs to provide more useful information to university students - depending on the sicknesses going around campus. We also plan on adding more useful data analysis tools, so that sources of disease can be automatically identified and remedied. In addition, we can use

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